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Anyone can nominate for the Wiley Prize in Psychology. More information (...)


Well-conference: Keynote addresses


Ralf Schwarzer & Nigel Nicholson for Distinguished Scientific Contributions.


Friends of the UN Announces 2011 Tolerance Awardees: Honors Dr. Judy Kuriansky with 2011 Lifetime Achievement in Global Peace and Tolerance...



IAAP members will soon be asked to elect the new IAAP President-Elect, with internet voting to take place beginning in May.  Two candidates have been duly nominated and certified to appear on the ballot: Elizabeth Nair and Christine Roland-Levy.  Information about both candidates is available in the linked pages below.

Each eligible voter will receive an email invitation to cast a ballot, and online votes will be received between May 5 and June 5.

The winner of the election will take office at the conclusion of the ICAP in Paris on July 13, serving as President-Elect through the close of ICAP 2018 in Montreal, then as President until 2022, and then as Past-President until 2026.


Milton D. Hakel, Ph.D, Secretary General IAAP



President Elect candidates

- Candidate Elizabeth Nair
- Candidate Christine Roland-Levy

Secretary General candidates

- Candidate Buxin Han
- Candidate Lyn Littlefield

Treasurer candidates

- Candidate James Bray
- Candidate Lourdes Munduate

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