Logging in to Members-Only Content

To log in, find and then click the Login link in the upper right corner of any page.

Small screen devices (tablets, smart phones, phablets) will look different, but have all of the same capabilities - click here to see the key controls (new window).

Enter your credentials (Username and Password) in the popup window.  Popups should be enabled in your browser.

Enter your Username and Password, and then click the Login button.  Or...

If you do not recall your password, or have never set one, or want to reset it, click the Reset Password link.  You will see a screen that looks like this.  Enter your Username. It is the left-hand portion of the email address that IAAP uses to communicate with you (it is the portion to the left of the '@' symbol).  

Enter your Username in the popup screen, then click the Send Reset Link button, and a reset link will be sent to your email account automatically.  On screen you will get a confirmation message, looking like this:

Note the "fine print" in the confirmation screen above - it means that the username you enter must already be on file in the membership database.  They must match exactly.

If they match, you will receive an email message that looks like this:


Of course, the message will have your name in it, not the name and Username of IAAP's founder.  

The link must be used within 1 hour.  

When you click the reset link in the email message to you, you will see a page like this:

Enter your Username, and then your new, strong password.  Confirm it and click the Change Password button.  If all is in order, you will be logged in immediately.  If all is not in order, try again.  If that fails, contact itc@iaapsy.org for assistance, giving as much detail as you can about the browser, operating system, and any error messages.