Help for Wiley Online Library

The text and screenshots on this page show how to create your Wiley Online Library account, and also how to log in to the Wiley Online Library, gaining online access to the IAAP journals.

If you are a long-time member of IAAP, you may never have received the instructions for how to create your WOL account.  If so, you may email  Follow the steps shown here.

First, browse to, and find the Log in / Register link in the upper right corner of the page.  Click it:

You will see this small popup window:

Find and click the Register link.  When you do, you will see this window:

You will receive a confirmation email after you click the Submit registration button:

Clicking that URL link in your emailed acknowledgement from Wiley completes the Registration process.  Congratulations, you are halfway done!

The next step is to write an email message to, asking to affiliate your registration with your IAAP membership record.  Click the link in the previous sentence to create a new email message on your computer - the message will be handled best by Wiley if it comes from the same email account that you use for correspondence with IAAP.  Wiley's staff will check your IAAP membership status and email you a Customer ID and Access Code (because you already registered if you followed the steps above, you can skip step 1 in this screenshot and go directly to step 2, and after closing and  then restarting your browser, to step 3):

Just one more picture, to assist with step 2 in the Affiliation process - when you click the "myprofile/subscriptionaccess" URL link in step 2, you will be taken to a page like this:

Enter your Customer ID and Access Code in the proper places, and then click the Submit button.  That's it!  After you close your browser, re-open it and then navigate to once again, you can click the Log in / Register link and now enter the E-Mail Address and Password that you registered at the outset.  You will be rewarded with access to IAAP's journals and the Wiley Online Library's other holdings.

Note: This page was posted in June, 2015.  The Wiley pages, messages, and process are likely to evolve as time goes by.