Van de Vijver, F., Tilburg University, Netherlands
The role of acculturation in assessment in multicultural groups is discussed. It is argued that standard procedures are to be developed to deal with the multicultural composition of today's societies, in which clients come from various cultural backgrounds and do not have the familiarity with the language and culture of the psychological and educational tests that is implicitly assumed in the assessment procedure. The first part presents a brief overview of acculturation models and points out the relevance of acculturation in multicultural testing. The second part of the paper discusses conceptual and methodological issues in the assessment of acculturation. This is followed by a discussion of ways in which acculturation can be taken into account in assessing multicultural groups, such as establishing different norms for different cultural groups, adding a "correction" for acculturation status, assessment of acculturation and use this score either as a covariate or as a threshold value that determines whether or not a score on a target instrument can be interpreted adequately. Implications are discussed.