Chen, H. and Guo, C., South-west China Normal University, China
This study aimed to explore the influence of personality characters on the coping strategies of middle school students. Part I included a correlation research on the relationship of the type A personality, self-worth and coping styles. Part 2 focused on the interaction between the situations, personalities and coping strategies. The two research theories, the process- oriented approach and trait-oriented approach, were connected initially in this study. 782 middle school students were tested. The results were as follows: (1)There is evident correlation between middle school students' coping strategies and their personality characters. The type A personality influence middle school students' emotion-oriented coping strategies and the self worth influence their problem-oriented coping strategies; (2)There are significant coping strategies differences between the type A personalities' students and type B students, and between the high self- worth group and low self-worth group; (3)Students with high self-worth tend to choose problem-solving and seeking supporting while the students with low self-worth choose the fantasy more. Type A students likely choose emotion-oriented coping strategies and less use problem-oriented coping strategies comparing with type B students; (4)Significant differences between grades are found while there is no evidence of difference between genders. Key words: middle school students, coping strategies, type A personality, self-worth.