Chan, Y.F., The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Conscientiousness, an important trait variable in work domain, is positively related to job performance. It is expected to be a determinant of an individual's participation in training, individual will carry out more job related, goal directed behaviors voluntarily, to improve job performance. Questionnaires were distributed to 480 participants across six occupations, with sampling scheme whose age and sex distribution were based on Hong Kong 1996 census statistics. Results suggested that conscientiousness generally did not have a strong relation with training, whether the training was directly nor indirectly related to job. But conscientiousness did have an effect for the perceived effectiveness of training received. Besides, some mediating factors such as education, age and gender existed and undermined the relation between conscientiousness and training, thus comparisons of individuals, controlling these demographic variables, were done and discussed. It suggested investigation of personality in work settings needed considering contextual factors to yield the clear picture.