Chan, K.Y., Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Ministry of Defence, Ang, S., Ng, K.Y., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Chan (1999; see also Chan & Drasgow, 2001) reported the development of a self-report measure of a new construct called the "Motivation to Lead" (MTL). This paper presents the findings of a longitudinal study of the MTL measure at 1 year and 2 year intervals. Confirmatory factor analysis showed that the 3-factor MTL scale is factorially stable over time. MTL is shown to be slightly less stable than self-report measures of the Big Five personality measures, but more stable than measures of cultural values (i.e., individualism-collectivism). Structural equation modelling is also used to examine the stability of structural relationships between the Big Five personality factors, individualism-collectivism factors and the MTL factors over time. The findings generally provide support for the model of antecedents to MTL reported by Chan (1999). Implications of the study are discussed in context of work experience and leadership training received during military service.