Brajkovic, L. And Mindoljevic, A., Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatia
This study examined coping strategies with stress, using alcohol and tobacco, among Croatian war veterans with PTSD, including sample of 90 war veterans. In this case was used Self-Estimate Questionnaire, consist of 15 items about their health habit, before and after war. Some other research found that people with some psychiatric diagnoses (depression, anxiety, Alzheimer disease, etc.) often use some no mature coping strategies using drugs for ex, so we want to find and research what is going on with Croatian war veterans. This research was examined in Clinic for Psychological Medicine, using sample of hospital patient. Results of this study indicate that 13.3% of war veterans have never smoked cigarettes before war, 24,4% were smoking rarely (1-5- cigarettes daily), 57,7% were smoking soberly (5-20 cigarettes daily) and 4,4% were smoking extremely (over 20 cigarettes (20-50) daily), also before war. All subjects consume alcohol before war, but 51% consume alcohol occasionally (it means 2-3- times per year, a few glasses of vine or beer), 30% consume alcohol soberly (5-7 drinks per month) and 19% consume alcohol extremely (2-3 drinks daily). Subjects were declaring, that now, after war, all subject were smoking, 25,5% were smoking rarely and 17% were drinking rarely; 56,6% were smoking occasionally and 51,5% were drinking occasionally and 17,9% were smoking and 31,5% were drinking extremely. All subject reported that consuming those substances made them more relaxed and helped them to cope with all frustration situations during all day. As we can see there is an increase tendency for using alcohol and tobacco (and maybe some other substance like marihuana and hashish) among Croatian war veterans and it can be good introduction for further research.