Bhanthumnavin, D., National Research Council of Thailand, Thailand
The principal project on "Research and Development of the Thai behavioral System", (R& TBS) has been established for more than 10 years (since 1988) by the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) This national project is based on the body of psychological research knowledge originated in Thailand for more than 25 years. The R& TBS is at present serving as a research center in Psycho-Behavioral Science for national development. Training for high standard researchers, as well as, competent psychological technologists in 7 behavioral areas (i.e., democratic, family health, moral, work, good citizenship and natural resource conservation) are its major activities. More than 50 large research projects are being sponsored as a response to the national plan for human development in Thailand. After the country's economic recess (in 1997), the R& TBS together with the NRCT have focused the research agenda on 4 new behavioral areas (i. e., intelligence-mental health and morality, beneficial tourism, favorable response to educational and organizational reforms and saving and conserving). Nation-wided networks of psycho- behavioral science researchers and social development personnels have been established for the purpose of carrying out national leveled human development guided by these research findings. The R& TBS has all the qualifications to be recognized as the center of excellence and various forms of international collaborations are welcomed.