Allwood, C.M., Lund University, Sweden
The rise of the indigenized psychologies is an important phenomenon that gives rise to many important and interesting questions, not the least of which concerns the conditions for the development and transfer of traditions of understanding between different social and cultural contexts. In order to improve our understanding of the nature of the indigenized psychologies it is important to recognize the historical and cultural context of their origin and to recognize their great diversity. Any theoretical perspective can be seen as indigenous and the indigenized psychologies are distinguished by being reactions to what is seen as modern mainstream Western (US) psychology and by being anchored in the identified culture of its countries. At this stage it appears somewhat premature, and also out of line with the spirit of the indigenized psychologies, to give any more definite and specific description as to their nature. The relation of the indigenized psychologies to the concept of science is not given much attention in the literature on the indigenized psychologies but the relation is not clear. Some examples are provided where it can be discussed whether specific indigenized psychologies deviate from conventional scientific standards.