Frojn Parga, M.X. and Orejudo Hernndez, S., Universidad Autnoma de Madrid, Spain
In this work we present a study with 267 subjects (41,1 men and 58,3% women, mean age 47,8 years) about relations between Eysenck and Grossarth- Maticek personality tipologies (healthy, cancer-prone and coronary-heart- disease-prone) and other psychological constructs related with health: life events, attributional style, health locus of control, social support, social skills and personality dimensions (neuroticism, extraversion and psicoticism). Results support Eysenck and Grossarth-Maticek conclusions about each personality tipology and the way to coping stress which define personality tipology; furthermore, it appear new differences between tipologies and social competence, health locus of control and social support.