Eskandari, A., University of Tehran, Iran
The gifted poets have the power of conceiving impressive thoughts and of making a strong emotional impact on the reader. The nature of literary genius has always attracted speculation. It is important to have a clear understanding of the state of mind of the poets. There are poets who have suffered mental breakdown. If the poet is a neurotic, does his neurosis provide the theme of his/her work? If the poet is neurotic in his thems , how is that his/her work is intelligible to his/her readers? Does he or she feel some peace in the process of creating? Is it an act of relief and a therapeutic remedy? The poets are creative and sensitive people who express themselves through their poems. The "I" in the poetry is not always the author but it includes that of all .The psychological self-probing and public exposures have their own risks too. They render their particular pain of life into universal truths. This paper is an attempt to provide some clues to the above issues and explore the new dimension previously unavailable to poetry.