Ehsan, H.B., Tehran University, Iran
To study the relationship between religious attitude, anxiety and self -esteem, 60 students from Tehran University were selected. To measure the mentioned variables, three type of scales; Religious orientation scale, based on Islamic belief (Bahrami Ehsan, 1999), state - trait anxiety inventory (Spielberger, 1981), and self - esteem scale (Coopersmith, 1967) were used. Results showed that; religiousness has a positive correlation with self- esteem (r = .387, P> 0/001) and negative correlation with anxiety. Analysis of data shows that, religious orientation has negative correlation with both state (r = -. 398, P>0/001) and trait(r = -. 414, P>0/001) anxiety. The results of this study are in line with the research about psychological dimension of religion and indicated that; religion can play an intra-psychic role on health. Religious frame of references as well as coping mechanism can direct self-esteem and anxiety.