Dubey, B.L., Panjab University, Agrawal, A., Telephone Cables Ltd and Dwivedi,P., Post Graduate Medical Institute, India
Myers Briggs Type Indicators and Somatic Inkblot Series Tests were administered to 90 Executives of a private organization. Both the tests were administered in a group of 10 executives. The MBTI profile reveals that majority of the executives were ESTJ (60%) followed by 13 % ISTJ. The Chief Executive Officer belonged to INTJ group. The Somatic Inkblot Series -Video profile reveals that they were supported by good ego strength, healthy interpersonal relationship, no erotic disturbances, controlled hostility and aggression, high team building concept, good human relationship, and keeping touch with reality. The HRD intervention was planned in a meeting with top executives and the group was taken to a Forest Resort for two days. They got opportunity to express their feelings in a more soothing natural place. They came out with lot of innovative ideas. HRD intervention helped the organization in all facets of its operation. Overall productivity has increased three folds in comparison to 1st year of study. The high productivity was achieved despite reduction in workforce. Different training programs one after another were organized to equip them with knowledge and make the persons understand the business scenario of the day. Regular meetings of the entire work force were conducted to highlight the progress the organization achieved in different areas. This helped in promoting better team spirit, work ethics and inculcated a sense of higher achievement. The findings of the study are discussed in the presentation.