Zubcov, R. and Sofronie, C. A., Training and Development Centre, Romania
Basically it is a sociometric type test. Depending on individuals' competence and on relation system inside the group, by means of this test one can measure the productive time and the space of the group. Starting from the premise that the individual's aim is to dilate time and to preserve space. Our key factors to identify the conflict sources existing inside the group are: group members dilate space (relation conflict, energy and maintenance exceeding consumption) and group members contract time (time conflict, lack of productive energy). Space conflict reaches its peak when the space dilatation leads to a space double in size as regards to the existing one (this means a dual personality of the group consciousness). Time conflict reaches peak values, when the productive time is halved. Persons' behaviour is assessed depending on the diagram of development of the relation between the individual's disposition to co-operate and egoism (maintenance energy) and depending on the diagram representing the acquirement of the professional action model (productive energy).