Iitsuka, Y., Shimane Women's College, Japan
This study aims to find some relationships between taste evaluation of food and social eating situations. In the investigating eating behavior, identifying the relationships with social factors remains one of the most important questions to be resolved. The survey consisted of a questionnaire given to the subjects (Japanese College students, Departments of Nursery Education and Food Science) in which they were asked how their social situation (when, where, what, with whom) and mental and physical conditions affected the taste of the food. In addition, they were asked to complete an intimacy scale composing 3 aspects (emotional, interdependent and communicative) to evaluate the relationships with eating partners (that is, friends or family members). The results showed that the tastes of the meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) were affected by when it was eaten and with whom, and the subjects mental and physical health. Discussion will be focused on the relational model of social situations influencing taste, the different type of eating behavior in social situations and the variety of the social functions of meals.