Husain, A., Aligarh Muslim University, India
The present paper addresses the role of spirituality from theory to practice. A number of behavioral, cognitive and religious interventions have been discussed in this paper with the hope that they may be effective in enhancing or maintaining one's spiritual health and well-being. The enhancement of spirituality depends upon spiritual beliefs, personal experience, and faith on a religious method of practice. In this paper the author has discussed different interventions to enhance spirituality under the three major sections. From the practice point of view, the author discusses a number of behavioral interventions to promoting spirituality. They are: Goal setting, Self-monitoring, Agreement or Contract Gradual learning, Positive Reinforcement, Stimulus Generalization, Over-learning, Chaining of Stimuli and Responses, Relaxation, Reframing, Balance, Strength Awareness, Appreciation and Encouragement. The principles of cognitive science are also highly beneficial in helping people to enhance spirituality. Visualization, Concentration, Openness, Experience of Oneness, Positive Perception and Positive Feeling have been discussed in this paper. A number of religious practices that can be considered as well- established methods to enhance spirituality and religiousness have been discussed in this paper. Under this section the author has discussed all the five pillar of Islam- Al-Shahadah, Prayer, Zakat and Sadakh, Fasting, Pilgrimage.