Huang, C.H. and Weng, C.Y., National Chun Chen University, Taiwan
We adopt interpersonal conflict task to compare cardiovascular reactivities(CVRs) between two anger expression styles: anger out and anger in.. Forty healthy subjects complete BDHI and social issue checklist. After five minutes baseline stage, every subject makes an argument with the experiment confederate for twice, one by anger in style and the other by anger out style. The sequence is counter balanced. Each interpersonal conflict task endures for five minutes and is followed by ten minutes recovery stage. The subjects' CVRs including heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP) and thermal were recorded continuously. The results indicate that different anger expression styles have different CVR patterns. Anger- out style has significantly higher HR reactive level, DBP reactive level, and HR variation. Anger in style has lower recovery rate but just DBP reaches significant level.