Holt, L., University of Melbourne, Australia
The word Humour comes from the latin "umere" "to moisten". Humour has probably been around, as long as humanity has existed. But despite its longevity, there is very little written and/or researched about it. "Although the topic of humour has been debated at least from the time of Aristotle in the fourth century before Christ (Banbraugh 1963) for much of recorded history significant contributions on its uses have been somewhat infrequent" Whilst there is much research on racism, conflict and oppression dealing with Aboriginal Australians, humour is rarely mentioned as a survival mechanism. Thus, there is little, if any, documentation regarding Aboriginal humour in Australia. Is Humour both a weapon of resistance and/or a tool for healing, especially for Aboriginal Australians? In this study, Aboriginal people will be interviewed by an Aboriginal researcher, who will explore the nature and function of Aboriginal humour.