Zhang, Z.Q., National Research Institute of Sports Science, China
In China sports psychology researchers are organized by China Society of Sports Psychology, which has formed a system including more than 20 province' society. In recent years, there are four main fields of sport psychology: 1) put more attention to strengthen psychological techniques; 2) put more emphasis on the applied systematic trace studies; 3) use more modernized equipment and software to enforce the application of psychological training.4) give more attention to high level athletes' mental training. In practice, the researchers put forward psychological interventions depend on the software of Psychological State Monitor and Survey System. Moreover, the researchers imposed special psychological interventions on them in order to improve athletes' special skills and competition abilities, such as 3 lines relaxation, idea-ball program (the methods of Chinese Qigong), cognition-regulation training, imagery training. On the other hand, the researchers also develop the system of multimedia software of mental regulation for important games. Athletes can do psychological regulation before competition by using this multimedia software. In the contents of mental regulations, there are guidance of essential factors of competition mental purification and the program of optimal competition mental purification. All these professional practices promoted athletes with good competitive condition to taking part in the important Games. Of cause, there is a good tendency of the researches of sport psychology in China, more and more young people from psychology and sports fields are taking part in many sports psychological researches continuously, such as motivation, self-conscious, cognition, stress, and so on.