Grubb, H.J. and Krishna, A., University of Maryland University College- Asian Division, USA
This study looks at the different perceptions, attitudes, and aspirations of U.s. Military, U.S. civilian personnel, Japanese, Korean, Philippino, and other foreign nationals attending the University of Maryland-University College. These courses are given at various U.S. Military bases in Asia. Students were queried on many aspects of their personal life and then asked to respond to reasons for attending college, education, career aspirations, and attitudes toward the U.S. and host country on various military and political positions. The specially developed Inventory uncovered several major differences between the American and Asian groups on reason for attending college, long-term educational goals, and satisfaction with their current educational placement. Asian and Americans also differed in their perception and appreciation for the U.S. Military presence in Asia. There were also differences between Asian national groups.