Gross, I., Amorim, C., Kaminski, F. and Rohrbacher, C.L., Curso de Psicologia- Pontifcia Universidade Catlica do Paran, Brazil
The stress is considered as a great challenge to be looser in modernity. Between the stress full it enters professions there is the teaching, that is particularly truth in if treating to professionals of the basic education of the public network, the work environment is little rewarded, source of fatigue, frustration and basses wages. A paradoxical situation exists is recognized as important for the society, but this recognition if limits to the affective dimension. The objective of this research was to identify the phases of stress it in educators in the beginning of the school year. 31 professors of the basic education of a municipal school in Curitiba (Brazil) had participated. The ISSL was applied (Inventory of Symptom of Stress). The application occurred in the interval of the lessons in small groups in the room of the professors. Between the professors who had presented signs of stress (65.65%) the average age were of 44.5 years, being 28,03% of feminine sex and 3,22% of the masculine sex, all married. How much to the phase of the stress, did not meet no participant in the alarm phase, 90,09% in the resistance phase. A participant in the phase of almost-exhaustion and one in the exhaustion phase. Amongst the citizens of the phase of resistance 45,5% they presented predominance of psychological symptoms and 36,6% predominance of physical symptoms. 9,09% did not present predominance between physical or psychological symptoms. Finally a teacher (3.22%) had its level of stress in the phase of exhaustion with predominance of psychological symptoms. The educational level seems to be excellent, a time that the professors with after-graduation "latu sense" only one professor did not present stress and ten had presented. Considering that this study was carried through the start of the school year it can be inferred that the professors who had presented a high level of stress (resistance and exhaustion) are carrying, or with are raised risk of Syndrome of Prostration (Syndrome of Burnout). In the evaluating of the consequences of the stress for the citizen and for the institution one concludes that the implantation of public politics of health to intervene in the quality of life in the teaching is urgent. Words key: stress, professors.