Geldenhuys, J.L., Vista University, South Africa
Education is imperative for the empowerment ("making life better for them") of the street children of South Africa, but it is one of many facets of the street child problem that urgently needs attention. The poster proposes an integral empowerment model showing the important partners necessary to improve their life. The model operates on three levels, namely micro level (empowerment strategies aimed at the individual street child or potential street child), meso level (empowerment strategies aimed at the family) and macro level (empowerment aimed at policy, structural and attitude changes). The poster also addresses the relationship between the empowerment strategies and the etiology of the street child phenomenon - which can also be divided into three levels, viz. a micro level (factors concerning the individual street child and his parent(s)), meso level (factors within the family) and macro level ( factors within the society or government).