Kwok, D.C., Chan-Tam, M.N., Hung, H.K. and Lee-Man, Y.C., The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong
The need to better equip school counsellors with professional skills is gaining attention in Hong Kong. Audio-visual productions on demonstration of counselling skills have shown to be useful for training purposes, but most of the existing productions are from Western countries. The value of these productions is limited by at least two factors: (1) They are based on case scenarios which are distal to the Hong Kong context. (2) English is used in the demonstration of skills which may pose difficulties for some school counsellors in understanding the intended messages. This presentation reports the outcome of an 18-month project on the production of a video series on major counselling theories or approaches. Six of the theories or approaches are illustrated and the skills are demonstrated with the use of case scenarios. They include rational-emotive therapy, behavior modification, client-centered therapy, reality therapy, transactional analysis, and teacher effectiveness training. The case scenarios are based on general school settings with different clients involved (i.e., primary and secondary school students, parents, and teachers). The problems illustrated include typical student adjustment difficulties and common concerns of parents and teachers. In addition to the video series, there are six self-study guides to accompany the production. Each guide contains the background and main features of the theory or approach together with exercises and discussion questions for self learning.