Yutaka, H., Ohno, H., Ki, H. and Noi, M., Kyushu University, Japan
In Japan the dialysis medical treatment is accepted to a society as daily medical treatment. It is not completely therapy, but a permanent treatment. Therefore dialysis patients have psychologically various problems. The dialysis patients who are started this treatment, feel depressions and anxieties. These moods of dialysis patients are observed mainly from the negative feeling to sickness for the normal state of mind reaction of the dialysis patient. Such a reaction turns up strongly in the dialysis early period and that are thought that it is reduced as the dialysis years pass after that. However, the other report, there is such a psychological problem that the trend of neurosis increases as the dialysis years pass. These reports regarding the factor that prescribes the mood states of dialysis patients have not been much researched.57 dialysis patients were researched in their mood states (mental state) and the factor that prescribes the state of mind using the questionnaire. From the result of factor analysis, two factors are extracted to show the negative correlation, these factors are named individually depressed feelings and active feelings. The depressed feelings and active feelings of dialysis patients were not related with dialysis periods. The depressed feelings was receiving the influence to the presence of physical condition; the active feelings was receiving the influence to the satisfaction of life, and the advisers.