Karaguven, H.A., Marmara University and Aksoy, N., Maltepe University, Turkey
Cardiac surgery is an stressful life event and evokes temporal emotions of various kinds. Having knowledge about the emotional states of Coronary Heart Disease patients (CHD) will be useful in order to recuperate quickly. The aim of this study is to assess the impact of surgery as psychological and to determine of the relationship between anger levels and demographic characteristics of Turkish cardiac surgery. patients. Sample consists of 39 CHD patients. The demographic and specific characteristics of samples are determined by a ten items Turkish questionnaire. The Turkish form of The State Trait Anger Inventory (STAI) originally developed by C.D. Spielberger are used in order to gather data. Data is gathering via a face to face interview with patients within one week before surgery. The relationships between the demographic characteristics (age, gender, educational background, type of work, economic level) and the anger levels of are studied. By comparing to healthy people the result of analyses will be supplied in this paper.