Jones, P., Murdoch University, Australia
The goals of this paper are: (a)To present the findings from the meta- analysis of psychological research and the non-psychological or secular field of personal growth on the factors implicated in life satisfaction or quality of life; (b)To discuss these findings in respect to different quality of life interventions; (c)To describe the evolving design process of the Quality of Life Program borne from both research and clinical trials; (d)To present the exciting qualitative and quantitative findings of the administration of the final version of the Quality of Life Program; (e)To make recommendations about how to powerfully impact upon quality of life in the community; (f)The Top 10 Quality of Life Areas that were found to have the biggest impact upon well-being were the following; 1)Management of the Mind , 2) Sense of Self, 3)Resolution of the Past, 4) Relationship/s, 5)Work, 6)Money, 7)Health, 8) Life Administration, 9)Leisure, 10) Life Coping Skills; (g)The paper presents the format of the Quality of Life Plan (Goals, Strategies, Timeframes, Tasks included).