Jinnge, P., Kasemnet, L. and Yolao, D., Srinakarinwirot University, Thailand
The objectives of this study were to find collective opinions about childcare centers services regarding the following: 1/purposes of childcare centers and goals of child development, 2/ the main organization responsible for coordinating childcare centers, 3/ roles of community, private organization, and government in childcare centers services, and 4/activities for quality control and evaluation of childcare centers services. Sample consisted of four groups of people. The first group consisted of academics, politicians, chief executives of private and governmental organizations providing childcare services. The second group consisted of officials coordinating between central government and local organizations providing the services in Chiengmai, Khonkan, Songkla, Chonburi,and Bangkok. the third group consisted of workers at childcare centers from top level such as heads of schools to bottom level such as care providers. The last group consisted of parents of children at the childcare centers. The total subjects were 1,663. Findings and implementations were as follows. There was a collective agreement on the purposes of the childcare centers. They were to promote the correct practices of child development, and to provide basic social habit training for children. Concerning main organizations responsible for childcare centers, it was agreed that the ministries of education and public health should be responsible for the 0-3 years old age group childcare centers such as the ministries of interior, defense, and university affairs to establish common policies, goals, purposes and practices. As to roles of community, private organization and government in child services, the collective opinion was that they should form a working group to write a manual. However no agreement was found between academics and politicians in the area of cooperation among these various organizations. A seminar was recommended so that opinions could be exchanged, discussed and finalized. About activities for quality control and evaluation of childcare centers services, it was found that working standards were urgently needed and should be distributed to all centers. Incentives for these centers to comfort to standards were suggested to quicken the pace of development. Key Words: Collective Opinion, Childcare Center Management