Jeshmaridian, S., Yerevan Acharian University, Mouradyan, G., World Association of NGOs, Sukiasyan, S., Yerevan Rehabilitation Center "Stress" and Tshshmarityan, A., Yerevan Bank Economic Academy "Financist", Republic of Armenia
The authors of this research consider September 11' 2001 US events a new era in the history of humankind. The events are historical both spiritually and chronologically. J-50 Survey, consisting 50 statements, was used among 555 citizens of Republic of Armenia and 50 US citizens from Peace Corps, September 12 through November 25' 2001. The age of Armenian respondents was from 18 to 81; 300 men and 255 women, living in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia (355 persons) and in three regions of Armenia (200 persons). The age of the US respondents was from 21 to 65; both men and women, living in different states of the United States. Seventy-five percent of Armenian respondents and seventy-two percent of US respondents disagreed and strongly disagreed with the statement that terrorism can in some cases be morally justified. Sixty-eight percent of Armenian respondents and eighty- eight percent of US respondents agreed and strongly agreed with the statement: "Do you think September 11' 2001 events are terrorist acts (product of terrorist movement)." Fifty-nine percent of Armenian and seventy-six percent of US respondents consider terrorists as cruel and fanatic persons. Through this research we are able to arrive to conclusions that are supported cross-culturally and cross-nationally.