Liu, D.Z., Huang, L.Y., Jiang, X.F. and Peng, W.B., South-West Normal University, China
With the further development of China's economical reforms, the reemployment has been not only one of the foci that draw many people's attention at present, but also an emphasis of the government work. In China regarding the issue from psychology is not common, although western psychologists made many researches on the basis of psychology in relative problems in the early of 1930s,and concluded that psychological factors played a significant role in reemployment. We investigated the coping style, self-efficiency and motivation about 1000 unemployees using self- made questionnaire with a high level of reliability and validity. According to it, we got the followings: their coping-styles are mainly problem- solving and support-seeking during the job-searching process; their feeling of self-efficiency is stronger than that of need of individual reemployment- efficiency; the motivation of tending to success is outstanding striking higher than that of avoiding failing; the motivation of reemployment is mainly from family factors and the need of individual development. In addition, it also showed the characteristics of difference and discriminative levels in different personal background-the different gender, age, education and economic station, among which the age and education influence coping-style, self-efficiency and motivation even more.