Yoelao, D., Chaijukul, Y., Srinakarinwirot University and Sarasan, P., Ministry of Education Thailand
The objectives of the study were to explain the effective school outcomes using managing style, team working, and conflict management of school principals, and to find a relationship between teachers' motivation and managing style, team working, and conflict management, and unfavorable climate in school. The sample of the study were 36 successful school principals during 1994 to 1997, 141 school committee, 544 school teachers. All type of samples were matched by school. The instruments for collecting data were rating scale questionnaires. The reliability were between .77 and .98 as regard to the coefficient alpha. The results revealed that the successful school principal perceived their school had unfavorable climate in physical resources and expertise of teachers more that others. The school principal used the following type of managing more often: behavioral, analytical, and conceptual. The favorite conflict management were developer, bargaining, and expert model of management. The successful principal used team work at moderate level. The study also revealed that high teachers' motivation associated with high developer, bargaining, expert, and directive model of conflict management. It was also found that high teachers' motivation also associated with high behavioral managing style.