Latif, A. and Sadaf, B., National Institute of Handicapped, Pakistan
The aim of the investigation was to identify stress among surgeons, physicians and general practitioners. The technique of purposive sampling was used. MBBS doctors (N=120) were included in the sample. The sample was divided into three groups Surgeons (N=40), Physicians (N=40), and General Practitioners (N=40). Three stress inventories were used to collect data: The Stress Sources Inventory, The Stress Inventory and The Stress Coping Behavior Inventory. Responses were recorded on a five point scale. Results reflected that the stress sources are more prominent among general practitioners than both physicians and surgeons. Under stress, surgeons are more prone towards physical ailments whereas physicians and general practitioners are more vulnerable to psychological disorders. Results also showed that surgeons and physicians have more positive stress coping behavior as compared with general practitioners.