Murakami, T., Sugiyama, K. and Soto, Y., Hokkaido University of Education, Japan
It is said that the biorhythm consists of three pieces of rhythm; physical rhythm, sensitivity rhythm, intellectual rhythm, and that the rhythm of these types may have an influence on the performance of the sports player. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the performance and the biorhythm of the champion athlete. The sample, 165 men, and 132 women, were national champions of all Japan Inter-High School Athletic Meets in the past three years. The biorhythm was decided in accordance with the birthday of the player, and it was divided into three phases: good, poor, and cautious. Chi-square test was introduced to analyze the relationship between each phase of rhythm and their peak performance. As a result, there was no relationship between the peak performance and the biorhythm of the athletes and it could not be a predictor for their peak performance. In this study it was suggested as follows. (1) There may be differences in function of biorhythm at the time of the peak performance. (2) Each individual may have a peculiar rhythm. (3) The function of rhythm may depend on sports. The biorhythm is still in the early stages of the research field, therefore, more researches must be compiled to the future.