Moser, A., Camargo, A., Cardoso, A.P., Geruska de Almeida Torres, Feitosa, J.B., Mestre, M., Berenice Marie Ballande Romanelli , PR Catholic University of Paran, Brazil
The purpose of this research is to establish the beliefs and the behaviors of dental school students who attend the 8th semester of a private University in Curitiba when giving treatment to special patients and to determine the need of the application of psychology concepts helping these students to attend their patients. A questionnaire was setup and was given to the students at the beginning of the semester (56 answers) and at the end (27 answers). Afterwards the group realized a participating observation of 20 dentistry students while attending. The main results show that the majority of the students (74% in the pos-test) consider their course insufficient to prepare students to work with special patients and 70% feel that they don't know how to attend them. The biggest fears among the students are the fact of not knowing the disease of the patient (40%) and the all situation that scare them (24%). During the participating observation 85% of the students explained the clinic procedure to the patients and 50% of them let the patient alone during the procedure. For this sample the group saw an increased conscientiousness of the dentinstry students at the end of the semester about their limitations and about the needs of the patients. The group recommends new researches, using other methods of behaviour observation and controlling better the variations.