Morimoto, S., and Tanno, Y., University of Tokyo, Japan
It is reported that paranoia patients have actual persecutory experiences such as discriminating, humiliating and burglaries during earlier life. Recent studies reported that normal people had paranoia delusion-like ideations (we call paranoia ideations). But there is little study about paranoia ideation and persecutory experiences in normal people. This study investigated the relationship of paranoia ideations and persecutory experiences. We used bullying as persecutory experiences, because it isn't so special that normal people have bullying experiences. Our hypothesis was that people who showed strong paranoia ideations had more bullying experiences. The Paranoia Scale and Bullying Scale were administered to 162 college students in Japan. The result was that students who have high scores of paranoia ideations showed high bullying scores. It was suggested that people with strong paranoia ideations had a lot of persecutory experiences. This finding was consistent with our hypothesis. Therefore, persecutory experiences may be one of the important factors of developing paranoia ideations.