Mohd. Hussain, S., Social Development office, Kuwait
Since its introduction back in 1997, biofeedback therapy has received measurable success in Kuwait, both individually and as a co-technique with other psychotherapies. The Biofeedback center started practicing with insomnia & Stress Management. After its initial milestones this therapy successfully made its place, like other psychotherapies in the field of general relaxation, anxiety, phobia, migraine & muscular headaches, speech problems, breathing problems, essential hypertension, PTSD, muscular pains. To date this center has provided the therapy to more than 250 clients. Initially this service was provided only in the main branch but since 1998 this service has been facilitated in two more branches. Biofeedback therapy is a non-pharmacological treatment that uses scientific instruments to measure, amplify and feed back physiological information to patient being monitored. It can be also defined as an increased understanding of the role of learning in a variety of homeostasis processes. The Psycho-physiological Stress Profile being used as an initial assessment makes the client aware of the integration between his physiology and psychology and educates the person that his physiological reactions are within his voluntary control. The after effects of invasion generated many physiological reactions in people and for many of them it was hard to accept that their physical problems are due to psychological problems like depression, fear, anxiety etc. which they are undergoing. The statistics of Biofeedback center shows the greatest success in the area of Stress Management. The other areas of effective therapy are migraine, phobia, and anxiety. It also assists other psychotherapies in order to check the direction and objectives of the psychotherapy being provided.