Yamashita, M., Hanyu, K., Nihon, University, Hiroshi, O., Hotta, S., Kishino, H., Miyaguchi, S., University of Tokyo, Adachi, M., Tokyo University of Agriculture and Hayashi, C., Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan
The purpose of this study is to describe individual difference in the ways to perceive residential garden-views. The nationality judgment for Japanese and English private garden-landscapes was administrated to to make a comparison between Japanese and English students. Fifty-one Japanese undergraduate students of the humanities and 18 English undergraduate students of various major were participated in this research. The stimuli were 69 residential garden pictures which were taken randomly at 40 suburban residents in a Japanese town (Yokohama) and 29 suburban residents in a British town (Reading). The nationality judgment was requirement to choose clearly represent domestic (existing in one's own country) gardens among all garden-view pictures, and next, to choose clearly represent foreign (existing in foreign country) gardens from the remaining pictures. Finally from any remaining pictures, they were required to divide them into those that appear to be pictures of domestic gardens and foreign gardens. Individual Differences Scaling (INDSCAL) used for estimation of weight of dimensions. As results, two dimensions of perception type were observed as intra-individual difference (i.e., individual difference) in Japanese student and English student each. Keywords: gardening activities, suburban resident, individual difference, Japan, United Kingdom.