McCaslin, S.E., Jacobs, G.A., University of South Dakota, USA, Berliner, P., Wiking, M.G., University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI, Spielberger, Gorsuch, & Lushane, 1970) has been adapted for use in over 58 languages and dialects (Spielberger, Sydeman, Owen, and Marsh, 1999) and has proven to be a useful measure in cross-cultural research. The success of this measure has led to the development of further instruments measuring State and Trait dimensions, including the State Trait Personality Inventory (STPI). The original STPI (Form X) was developed in 1979 and consisted of six subscales: State and Trait Anxiety, State and Trait curiosity, and State and Trait Anger. The revised 80-item STPI, Form Y (Spielberger, Jacobs, Crane, Russell, Westberry, Barker, Johnson, Knight, and Marks, 1996) consists of eight 10-item subscales for measuring state and trait anxiety, anger, depression, and curiosity. A Norwegian version of the STPI-Y has recently been developed (Hseth, 2000) and the current study utilized the Norwegian STPI to aid in the adaptation of the Danish form of the STPI (STPI-D). Data is currently being collected from a minimum of 100 students at the University of Copenhagen with the intent of gathering initial information regarding the validity and reliability of the new instrument. Analyses completed will include intercorrelations between the various scales of the STPI-D and item-total correlations of the 80 items of the STPI which will be run to test for internal consistency of the items. The quality, including validity and reliability data, of the adaptation as well as additional research necessary for the adaptation will be discussed.