Mazaheri, A., Heidari, M. and Pouretemad, H.R., Shaheed Beheshti University and Sahebi, A., Ferdowsi University, Iran
This study aims to provide a testing instrument to assess marriage interest. A set of items was selected from a pool of more than 50 items, which theoretically supposed to be related to marriage interests. Construct validity was established for 25 items consulting with 6 members of staff. The questionnaire was then administered on 44 single university students. Chronbach's Alpha was satisfactory. Factor Analysis identified 4 factors as follow: Preperance to get married, Attitude towards marriage, Marriage outcomes, and Marriage prevents. Test retest reliability in this group with 2 weeks interval yield a .89 correlation. MIQ was found to be a valid and reliable instrument to measure marriage interest in University students. Key words: Marriage interest. University students. Marriage attitude