Marco, R., PIRELLI, Bellotto, M., University of Verona and Colautti, C., ISMO, Italy
This poster concerns the impact of e-training and e-learning in the organizations environment. Specifically, authors treat three different involved training processes: Internal communication channels: molteplicity of channels, sites and (more) involved people in the organizational learning processes; The role of Training dept.: to design new internal offer, answer to specific and personalized learning needs of individuals and job families, rethink about the concrete possibility to design a blended learning approach training, to develop an internal structure focused on tutorship to support a learner centred approach; Learner centred approach: to let the responsibilities of learning to converge more to people than to organization, to study new solutions to support and push the development processes (needs analysis path, automatic and tailored training offer, avalaible tutors), to let people design their own personal learning path. These three proposed issue are explained with examples and details in the Pirelli Group case history. This scenario allows the learning approach in the organization to play a new crucial role inside the companies helped by e-learning/e-training solutions. New paths of connection and integration within the organization are likely to be designed and they are the leverage to design a new approach to organizational development and knowledge management. The Pirelli Group case history treats a concrete experience of a project from the first idea of e- learning to an always "in progress" status of the art, showing goals, methodology, starting point ideas and needs, results of trackability and future development of the project.