Maierhofer, N. and Griffin M., Queensland University of Technology, Australia
The link between individuals' values and their behaviour is fundamental to the study of values in organisations, and for the utility of values as a management tool for practitioners. Rokeach (1973) defines values as a guide to individuals' attitudes, judgments, and behaviours. Despite the centrality of the link between values and behaviours, confirming evidence has been limited. This presentation reports on a longitudinal program of research investigating the values and behaviours of employees from a large public sector organisation across a two year period. At two points in time questionnaires were administered to 2141 and 2434 staff respectively. A matching code known only to participants enabled 521 staff to be matched across time. The questionnaire contained measures of teamwork, customer service and safety values and behaviours, which were developed from qualitative analysis of interviews with staff. The value-behaviour relationships for teamwork, customer service and safety were examined across time. Regression analyses showed a similar pattern of results at Time 1 and Time 2, with values most closely linked with the matched behaviour. Furthermore, the relationship between values and behaviour displayed stability across the two year period. The outcomes of this research are considered in terms of value measurement and the use of values in performance management in the workplace.