Rutyanto, F.I.R., Tarumanagara University, Indonesia
This work is represented as a result of a research which relates psychology and health. One of the health problems which is studied in psychology is everything that is related to reproduction health problems. Psychology has a role to explain behavior related to reproduction such Sexuality Transmitted Diseases (STDs). The information about reproduction health will influence individual knowledge concerning with healthy sex and reproduction, forming subjective meaning of healthy reproduction, guiding sexual spouse pattern and controlling individual's sexual behavior. And women who don't know well about pregnancy. So, the information about reproduction health is very important to set individual free from all possible health disorder caused by reproduction process. It is often said that youth sexual violation is mostly caused by the more dominant influence of the mass media in spreading free sexual information, while families and school gives less enough sexual knowledge. Giving complete information and explaining sexual knowledge is meant to avoid sexual irregularity. The risk of spreading STDs and avoiding the unexpected pregnancy can be pressed. Reproduction health research is meant to study about health implication of the sexual element work. It means that how the sexual element growing in the certain cultural setting causes health implication to the performer. The research is designed to describe mother's parenting in reproduction health to their daughters and any knowledge transferred by mothers to their daughters. The result of the research shows that the mother knowledge and information of reproduction health for their daughters is not enough. Some still regard it 'tabu' talk about sex with their daughters. Young girls get information from their peers or mass media. It shows that mothers apply permissive parenting. However, some other mothers begin to convey either directly or indirectly about reproduction health to their daughters. These mothers apply democratic parenting.