Routh, D., University of Miami, USA
Kraepelin's concept of dementia praecox, later labeled as schizophrenia, and the field of clinical psychology originated in approximately the same historical era, at the end of the 19th century. David Shakow (1901-1981) in his work as chief psychologist at Worcester State Hospital beginning in 1926, became the role model of subsequent psychologists doing research on schizophrenia. His classic experimental findings of a crossover in reaction time curves demonstrated attentional difficulties in schizophrenia in a memorable and reproduceable way. This presentation makes use of unpublished materials from the Shakow papers at the Archives of the History of American Psychology at the University of Akron. It elaborates on Shakow's research career and its importance for clinical psychology as an international discipline with a continuing role in research on psychopathology. Additional material from the career of Joseph Zubin (1900- 1990) is newly available in the same archives. Some of this will be presented as well to show how the role of the clinical psychologist as researcher developed over time.