Romano, B.W., Hojaij, E.M. and Watanabe, C.E., University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Brazil
Aims and methods: The objective of this investigation was to enroll how many and where are clinical psychologists that work at brazilian hospitals, specifically at cardiologic units. Participants were 206 hospitals, listed as having cardiologic units by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology. All of them had received a mailed questionary, where it had to be reported if there were or not psychologists at that institution, who were them, if they were exclusively assigned to cardiologic units or not, to what kind of activity they were responsible for and to whom they were subordinated. Results: We get back 60% of the sent questionaries. From these 123 hospitals, 79% of them replied that there were clinical psychologists as a member of the health team. From a total of 506 reported clinical psychologists, 430 were assigned to cardiologic units (exclusively or not). About of them attend in-hospital ward patients, of them care for out- hospital patients units, and almost 1/3 of them work at Intensive Care unities. Almost the totality of the psychologist clinical work time is dedicated to patients (98%), and half of them also support families. About others scientific matters, 25% of these professionals are involved also with teaching and 20% take part in research. Most of the psychologists are subordinated to another Psychologist Chief or Supervisor. The distribution over the country had shown that the Southeast (SE) and Northeast (NE) areas as those one with major concentration for both hospitals and clinical psychologists working at hospitals, specially the cities of So Paulo (SE) and Fortaleza (NE). In conclusion, this is a preliminary report. Our next aim is to detail routines; techniques and instruments; teaching and researching interests and responsabilities; underlying theories to work at hospitals. Those focus were running by now and will reported in the future. * This research was supported by FUNCOR - Brazilian Society of Cardiology. Keywords: hospitals, health team, cardiology