Qin, Q.W. and Huang, X.T., Southwest Normal University, China
Sex-role stereotype in people's expection, demands and opinion of man and woman's characteristics in behavior and personality. At the intersection of two centuries, it is of important theoretical value and practical value to investigate Chinese sex-role stereotype. In this investigation, firstly we select 100 Chinese adjective phrases form GSRI of Mingyi Qian, including 50 positive and 50 negative phrases. Secondly, we arrange them at random. At last, we get two personality checking tables. The order of phrases in on table is oppoeople's expection, demands and opinrove that, according to the frequency of the adjective phrases which are selected, for male, the front positive 10 phrases are creative, humorous, self-supporting, optimistic, intelligent, good at social intercourse, think and act in the same way, unyielding, neither humble nor pert and cheerful. The front negative phrases are square accounts in every detail, short-sighted, bully the week and fear the strong, indecisive, self-abased, like issuing orders, trim one's sails, greedy, unreasonable, arrogant. For female, the front positive phrases are self-supporting, king-hearted, refined, gentle and soft, elegant, pure and sincere, optimistic, self-respected, careful, and open- minded. The from 10 negative phrases are greedy, dependent square accounts in every detail, self-abased, spend extravagantly, unreasonable, arrogant, like issuing orders, like crying, arrogant and aloof. From this investigation, we have found that, at the intersection of two centuries, people's sex-role stereotype is not only traditional but also modern.