Tabernero, C., University of Salamanca, Spain, Chambel, M.J. and Curral, L., University of Lisbon, Portugal
Psychological contract literature demonstrate that the first months of employment are critical for the development of a positive psychological contract with newcomers. Different definitions of "psychological contract" can be found in the literature: This study contributes to the new and growing body of research on shared cognition by examining how members of cognitive diverse groups perceived their "group psychological contracts", relational or transformational, during two months of group work. Psychological contract is studied in long term groups composed by homogeneous versus heterogeneous members about their lay theories. This paper presented two studies where teams of three participants are involved to solve two team complex reasoning tasks. A first study examines the effect of cognitive group composition on the development of group psychological contract perception. 50 Spanish groups participating on a serial of complex decision making task. Correlation between cognitive diversity, group processes and group psychological contract is analyses across time. A second study examines factors affecting individuals' perceptions that their group psychological contract has been breached by a group member in the second task, once the group psychological contract has been developed. 22 Portuguese groups participating in a serial of complex decision making tasks. This second study analyses the effect of breach of group psychological contract on group processes as cohesion, group satisfaction and group efficacy. Theoretical and practical implications of these results are discussed.