Sullman, M., Pajo, M., Massey University, New Zealand and Dewe, P., University College, UK
Previous research has found a link between violations (as measured by the Driver Behaviour Questionnaire - DBQ) and crash involvement amongst truck drivers. Unfortunately, there has not been a great deal of research investigating the factors which increase the likelihood that a truck driver will engage in violations. One concept which has been found to be related to the propensity to violate amongst car drivers is driver selfishness. A 23 items scale was developed and used to measure selfish driving behaviour amongst 378 professional truck drivers. Factor analysis of the data revealed a four factors solution, consisting of: inconsiderate driving; risky driving; use of the right lane and inconveniencing others drivers. In addition to driver selfishness, mild social deviance and aberrant driving behaviour (using the DBQ) were also measured, along with a number of descriptive variables. The correlations amongst the main variables are discussed along with the implications of this research.