Stratechuk, T. J., Beneigh, T., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA
Good communication skills are essential for motivation and harmony in today's multicultural workplace. Past research has given us methods and techniques for achieving such skills. Among these is reflexive communication and communication microskills. Introduced over 30 years ago by Allen E. Ivey, and further developed for use in the workplace by John and Catherine Kikoski, these principles have been tried and proven but have never been applied for use in the cockpit or among crewmembers of modern airliners. Our paper suggests reflexive communication principles and the development of microskills specifically designed for use by multicultural crewmembers in the airline industry. Particular emphasis is placed on airline safety, crew resource management (CRM) and its relationship to crew behavior. Crew behavior has shown to be influenced by attitudinal and motivational factors stemming from poor communication issues that will be introduced and discussed in the paper. If left unmanaged, miscommunication by flight crews can be pervasive and problematic, especially in the highly diversified setting of today's globalized airlines. With this paper we will present the issues and propose a solution by suggesting specific CRM training tools that can be readily used by airlines around the world.