Soh, C. H. and Nair, E., National University of Singapore, Singapore
This study aimed to examine the presence and influence of multiple goal orientation over feedback seeking. It was the premise of this study that one's constellation of goals influenced one's definition of feedback and one's feedback seeking behavior. 106 undergraduates participated in this survey at the end of their social work placement. The sample participants self-reported their goal orientation and their frequency of monitoring. Their supervisors rated their frequency of inquiry. Median-split and cluster analysis were used to profile and categorize the sample. Analysis of data found that High Mastery/High Prove individuals were more likely than High Mastery/Low Prove individuals to monitor. The two groups were similar in their learning and avoid goal scores but significantly different in their prove goal scores. Learning goal orientation related to monitoring but not prove and avoid performance goal orientations. The findings suggested the presence and concurrent influence of goal orientations over monitoring.