Sjarbaini, L., University of Groningen, The Netherlands
To gain insight into how knowledge changes in an organization during an innovation process we should try to measure the knowledge. In order to do this I distinguish three knowledge types, tacit knowledge, coded knowledge and theoretical knowledge. These knowledge types enable me to make a typology of individuals with regard to a particular task. The task that I use for my research is scheduling [divided into three activities, namely gathering information, negotiating and scheduling]. The innovative situation on which my research focuses is the implementation of planning software. Thirty schedulers who used to schedule by hand will start to schedule on the computer aided by planning software. In order to investigate the dynamic aspect I have measured the knowledge types of these schedulers at three points in time, firstly before the implementation of the new planning software, secondly after the schedulers had their training with the new planning software and thirdly approximately one year after the first measurement [the data for this third measurement will be gathered at the beginning of next year]. I have used questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaires consist of open questions [e.g. what is the best way to teach a person to make a schedule] and closed questions [e.g. how often can you explain why you make a certain decision when making a schedule, answers on Likert scale]. The interviews that I conduct serve the purpose of interpreting the data from the questionnaires.